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Smart Sink Medical Waste Disposal Solution

The Cactus Smart Sink®
Smart Sink Pharmaceutical & Medical Waste Disposal

A Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solution

Bringing Pharmaceutical Waste
Into Compliance

Securely captures dispensed unused pharmaceutical waste and renders it acutely "unrecoverable and unusable".  The Cactus Smart Sink® helps reduce drug diversion and improve patient safety while also reducing the negative impact on the environment

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The Cactus SMART SINK is a secured alternative to a sink, toilet, or waste bin for unused DEA controlled substances or pharmaceutical waste.

This innovative and compact go green technology helps bring medical facilities into compliance by eliminating the negative impact to our environment, and prevents the unauthorized use of unused or waste medications.

While utilizing alerts and alarms the SMART SINK system uses a proprietary technology to automatically secure and render controlled Substances waste to a permanently “un-usable and “un-recoverable” state.

Applications include hospitals, surgery centers, long term care, hospice, home infusion, pain clinics and others. The Smart Sink is used in medical facilities throughout the United States.

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